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  • Every student will have their own writing portfolio.  This will be a collection of their writing assignments.  By reviewing previous writing assignments, we can see how each student is learning and developing as a writer.  The writing portfolios don’t leave the classroom.
  •  Each week we’ll donate plenty of class time to writer’s workshop.  This time will consist of discussing and practicing the writing process.
  •   The styles and genres of writing will vary to help develop the students as well rounded writers.  Many of the writing assignments will be student selected.  In the 2nd and 3rd marking periods, many of the writing activities will be focused on preparing for the NJ ASK Test.
  • One of the biggest benefits of writer’s workshop is that it allows me to work with the students through individual conferencing.  This gives me the opportunity to emphasize each student’s strengths and to help improve each student’s weaker areas.
  • Peer editing and revision is an activity we will frequently do in class.  Examining someone else’s writing is a great way to improve your own editing ability.  Also, exchanging ideas with a classmate is helpful because it gives you another perspective on your writing.  Writers must be able to accept constructive criticism in order to truly improve.
  • Some longer writing assignments will require work at home, but the students’ writing will always be monitored by me personally.


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