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Reward System

I believe in emphasizing incentives for good work and good behavior as opposed to focusing on punishing for poor work and poor behavior.  Here are some of the potential rewards available, but they must be EARNED.

-           Candy/Prizes & Group of the Week

-           Smartboard Activities, Free Laptop time, Team/Group Competitions, Mr. B stories, and Review Games

-           Bonus Points on Quizzes and Tests

-           Silent Ball


Discipline Policy

First offense is a verbal warning.

Second offense is a seat change/recess detentions.

Third offense is being sent to timeout/Mr. Badt.

Fourth offense is a phone call home.

Fifth offense is the appearance of Darth Vader.


                                                                    Lateness/Unprepared Policy

If you are not in the room when the bell rings(unless you have a pass), or you don’t have

pencil, pen, laptop, or reading book, the following will apply:


First Offense is a warning.

Second offense is 1 recess detention.

Third offense is 3 recess detentions.

Fourth offense is 5 recess detentions.


*If you commit a major offense, I will assign a higher number of recess detentions. In some cases, that will be a much higher number.


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