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Reading Logs

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Reading Log Guidelines


-  You must hand in one reading log a week; it can be handed in at any

time during the week, but it must be handed in by the beginning of class on

Friday.  These will be counted as a homework grade.

- You may select a book (nook or kindle) of your choice as long as it is age

appropriate and the content is permissible.  It is your responsibility to get

the  book, whether it is from home, the library, the bookstore, etc..

- When the chance arises, I will allow students class time to go to the school

library and pick up a book.

- Magazines, reference books, online books, or newspapers can’t be used for your reading logs.

- Every time you go on to a new book, make sure you bring it in to me, so I

can approve it.  Try to vary your selections.

- You may not turn in a reading log more than a week in advance.

- You must read a minimum of 50 pages a week.  If you want to read more

than 50, that’s fine, but 50 is the minimum.  This only averages out to 10

pages a day, and remember that we will have a lot of free reading time in

class and homeroom.

- The reading logs should consist of a well written/typed 10 sentence

summary and reflection of what you read.  How well you write will be

factored into your grade, so don’t get lazy or sloppy with your spelling,

punctuation, grammar, usage, etc..

- A summary (about 5 sentences)  is a brief description of what you read,

and a reflection  (about 5 sentences)  is your thoughts or feelings about

what you read or how it relates to you.

- Make your hand writing as legible as possible; if you choose to type, this

won’t be an issue.

- If you plagiarize, you will get a 0, be reported to Mr. Badt, and no longer

be allowed to type your reading logs.

- In addition to your summaries, you will list any new vocabulary words you

encountered in your weekly reading.  There should always be at least a few words on this list.  All you have to do is list the words.  These words will be put in your personal dictionaries or be used in other class activities.

- Reading logs can be handed in to me directly or emailed to me.









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