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Grade Setup

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Tests (45%)

- Literature/novel review tests

-Spelling section reviews


- Selected in-class writing assignments

-Personal Dictionaries (for the marking period)


Quizzes (35%)

- Spelling and vocabulary reviews

- Novel/short story comprehension checks

- Designated writing assignments


Classwork/Homework (20%)

- Weekly spelling assignments

- Grammar work/random stuff

- Reading logs

- Google classroom

- Reading Response Journal

- Personal Dictionaries (weekly)

- Being attentive and involved in the classroom

- Showing up on time and being prepared for class


Extra Credit

Sometimes extra credit assignments will be offered.  Much of the extra credit will be rewarded based on participation and integration of the curriculum.  For example, a student who effectively incorporates the “word of the week” into their dialogue would be a good candidate for extra credit.  Students who work well with others and help their classmates are also good for extra credit.  A student can always hand in an extra credit essay and receive 20 points added to a quiz grade.


Extra Help

I am available most days at recess and after school on Wednesdays if you need extra help or more time to work on assignments for this class.


Late Work Policy

I have a bin in the classroom for late work.  Work handed in a day late will only be able to receive a 50% grade.  Work will not be accepted if it is more than one day late.  Sometimes rare situations for work being late occur; when these instances arise consideration will be taken into effect.


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